Take Note: Our Favorite Old-Fashioned Memory Trick


Smartphones are incredible tools. They take pretty awesome photos for our #ootd pics, have thousands of useful apps, and keep us connected on the go. But even with all the calendar and note taking apps in the world, we still feel that the best way to remember something really important is to write it down. Many studies have proven that writing something down with a good ol’ pen or pencil actually helps the brain remember it better. If you’re cramming for a test or really need to remember an important event or detail, put that laptop away and start jotting it down!

You’re also less likely to get distracted when writing things down on paper, which further helps with memory. Without notifications constantly popping up on your computer or the temptation to check Facebook every five seconds, you’ll be totally focused on the task at hand. Of course, leaving your phone next to you as you write can disturb your focus too, so maybe set it aside while you are busy writing.

Photo: Death to the Stock Photo

Some even argue that writing the old-fashioned way encourages people to be more creative and ambitious. You can write as big or small as you want and in any shape or direction. If you’re really artsy, you can write in beautiful calligraphy and adorn your notes with drawings and doodles. On a blank sheet of paper, there are no limits to what you can do. So pull out a notebook or sketchpad if you’re looking to unleash your creative side.

But wait! Don’t go all Stone Age on us and throw out your tech quite yet! There are plenty of reasons why computers and phones are handy too. Most people can type quicker than they can write, so typing is great for writing down a lot of information. You can also easily delete, edit, and rearrange things on a computer. Unfortunately no one has developed a way to easily do that on paper. (Hello! Million dollar #GirlBoss invention idea here!) And when it comes to convenience and portability, nothing beats a smartphone or tablet.

Bottom line: there’s a time and a place for both pens and keyboards. However, if there’s something you absolutely need to remember, we say write it down!