How To Stay Productive While Traveling

Image Credit:  Atlantic-Pacific

Image Credit: Atlantic-Pacific

Any blogger, entrepreneur, or businesswoman knows that it can be challenging to stay productive while traveling. Public relations exec Lindsey Smolan has a few tips on how to get work done, even when in a far-off city. For all you jetsetters out there, keep reading to see what Lindsey has to say:

As a small business owner in the communications industry with a huge love of travel, I frequently travel for both work and business. I’m a huge advocate for treating yourself to vacations and truly unplugging, but running my own company that I often need to travel for means that I usually need to stay focused and productive even while on the road. While it can be a challenge, I’ve acquired some strategies and products that have kept me productive and motivated while traveling – and still give me time to see the sights and enjoy my destination!


Plan Ahead

The real secret to being productive on the road (and in life!) is to plan ahead! Try to finish up any time-sensitive projects before leaving to relieve stress, and create a list of tasks you will need to handle while traveling and factor the time into your itinerary. When planning my travel schedule, I always leave room in each day to sit down and get some work done. For me, that's usually earlier in morning or when I’m back in my hotel for the night, but do what works best for you and your schedule. Don’t overextend yourself; figure out what you can realistically accomplish while traveling and what you’ll need to do ahead of time or when you return.


Leave Room For Error

Even when planning ahead, things can and will go wrong when traveling. Your flight might get delayed, your hotel’s free WiFi can be super spotty, or your computer could completely die. Prepare for anything that could happen, and make sure to have hard copies of important info (technology isn’t always dependable!) like directions to the hotel, business/personal contacts you’ll need for the trip, and addresses of everything on your itinerary.


Take Time For Yourself

Traveling is an incredible, eye-opening experience. Whether you're halfway around the globe or the next state over, going somewhere new and getting out of your comfort zone is important for personal growth. No matter where you go, getting out of your routine can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. You might find yourself jet-lagged, under the weather, or just stressed. All that can hamper your productivity, so be sure to take time to devote to self-care.

Whether it's pulling up a favorite Netflix show, doing some yoga in your hotel room, exploring the city you're in, give yourself some time away from your work to unwind. Being productive is important, but you’re no good to anyone if you don’t take care of yourself first!


Remember The Necessities

There are a few extras I never travel without that have been absolute lifesavers when working on the road! To make sure you're connected (and for peace of mind) consider investing in portable battery packs (Google Maps can be a huge battery drain!), WiFi packs for when you're not sure where you’ll find a good connection (particularly if traveling internationally and your cell service doesn’t work), extra camera batteries if photography is a mainstay of your business, and a good old notebook and pen!

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