Meet The Man Behind Rihanna's Hottest Hairstyles

Image Credit:  @yusefhairnyc

Image Credit: @yusefhairnyc

Consider this one job we would die for: Yusef Williams is Rihanna's trusted hairstylist; yes, the Rihanna. Color us green with envy! We caught up with Yusef to hear just how he came to be part of RiRi's inner circle before we get to hear him speak in person at SIMPLY NYC

Scroll down to learn about how Yusef got his start and what he's looking forward to at New York Fashion Week, then get your tickets to NYFW's hottest event: the SIMPLY NYC Conference.

Celebrity hairstylist Yusef Williams

Celebrity hairstylist Yusef Williams

SIMPLY: When did you know you wanted to be a hairstylist?

YUSEF: At the age of 14 is when I would say I really realized that I could actually do hair and that I had a gift for it.

How did you first meet Rihanna and become her hairstylist?

I first met her at a charity event, working with another artist, Jasmine Sullivan, and they shared a manager. Ri had heard of me, but we hadn’t met yet. A couple weeks later, she hired me for Paris Fashion Week. I was supposed to leave after 3 days and ended up staying 7… the rest is history.

What’s the process of working with a fashion icon like Rihanna like?

Trust is the first thing. You want to work with people who trust you, get your style and taste levels. Someone that will trust your artistry and allow you to be you, and bring out the best in each other.

How do you collaborate with other artists—makeup artists, stylists, photographers—on set or for an event?

It really all depends on the situation, how big it is, etc., but usually we’ll talk in some form ahead of time. Say for a photoshoot, there’s an inspiration board being passed around for the week prior to make sure we’re all on the same page. Sometimes, there are phone or in-person meetings. Usually the original ideas come from the top—photographers, creative directors—and then we show up and create our magic around that.  

What hair trends do you hope to see at New York Fashion Week?

To be honest, NYC is always playing it safe. I’d love to see some more risks, like in Paris and London at Fashion Week, where they try new things. Take it to the next level, get creative, step out of the box!