Wendy Nguyen On How To Set Your Blog Apart

Image Credit:  Wendy's Lookbook

Image Credit: Wendy's Lookbook

The blogging game can be a challenging one, especially in today's oversaturated market. In a sea of thousands of fashion-loving, Instagram-happy bloggers, how does one set oneself apart from the crowd?

Wendy Nguyen, the creator of personal style blog Wendy's Lookbook, has managed to unlock the key to long-lasting success in the digital world. On February 10, she'll be sharing her insights on blogging at our SIMPLY NYC Fashion & Beauty Conference Powered by NYLON, but for now, keep reading to hear some of her thoughts on how the blogging industry has changed since she first started her site.

Image Credit:  Wendy's Lookbook

Image Credit: Wendy's Lookbook

SIMPLY: Has the growth of social media changed your approach to blogging?

WENDY: Since the birth of platforms like Instagram, there's now a more direct way to stay connected with my readers. I look at my blog as my main channel and other social media platforms as extensions of the blog, almost as tools to further and continue the open dialogue that I have with my readers. Especially with the rising popularity of Instagram Stories, I now have access to quick feedback from everyone!

The other day I shared on Instagram Stories a pair of heels that I was on the fence about and I had immediate "No's!" and so I ended up returning them. It's just a great way to have conversations and connect. 


Over the years, blogging has exploded as a popular industry. How do you set yourself apart in a saturated market?

I’m constantly thinking of ways to improve, and I always ask myself: What can I do to add more value? Tailoring my focus has really helped internally, and I hope that with the start of new projects and ideas, especially these new chapters with the Wendy’s Lookbook Foundation, I can continue to have my readers enjoy the journey and choose to follow along all the way to the finish line.


What advice do you have for fashion bloggers who are just starting out?

In all the times that I’ve been asked this question, my answer has never really changed. I truly find that it is important to identify your branding within 3 to 4 words. Wendy's Lookbook thrives on the 3 words “Creativity, Quality & Philanthropy.” I feel that these 3 words have helped me greatly along with keeping me grounded, especially when it comes to pitching to clients and brands, and of course whenever I share content with my readers.

I think this ties in with my next piece of advice, which is to be authentic and to know who you are. Also, invest in quality, whatever that means to you. For me, even if that means paying out of pocket to produce a better quality video for a client, I'm happy to do so because of the finished product. As much as it seems that way, there really are no shortcuts and I'm a firm believer that readers will enjoy sharing that personal journey with you as a blogger so don’t be afraid to share your journey.