It's All About Perspective: Rembrandt Flores Talks The Importance Of Public Relations


Although we like to think we know everything, the truth is we can never know too much — especially when it comes to business. Our next Session will take place on Saturday, February 11, at the Grove, and we're ready to give you a run down on what it takes to promote yourself, your brand, and your business! We’ve enlisted two experts for this 3-hour crash course — Kelly Howard of Post+Beam and Rembrandt Flores of Entertainment Fusion Group — to teach you about the industry, tips on pitching, and how to market yourself or brand. Purchase your tickets HERE to attend the next Session and in the meantime, keep reading to learn more about Rembrandt:

Rembrandt Flores and his family immigrated to the United States from Metro Manila, Philippines, when he was baby. While pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree at Berkeley, he discovered his true passion and switched his major from pre-med to communications. Shortly after graduation, Rembrandt made the big move to Los Angeles in pursuit of his PR dreams! Today, Rembrandt is the Founder & Executive Director of Celebrity Relations and Events at EFG, where he helps people and celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian, and more, throw massive parties. Check out our Q+A with Rembrandt below!

SS: When did you realize entertainment PR was for you? I realized Entertainment PR was for me the very moment I stepped foot on my first red carpet movie premiere in Hollywood.  I was just so enamored with the whole pomp and circumstance of it all and never looked back…literally.

SS: The digital industry has grown immensely over the past few years. How has this affected your career & company? It has greatly affected our agency obviously.  We have had to shift the majority of our focus on digital media and influencers.  Print press as we know it is almost dead so we spend our time working with digital outlets and so many social media influencers that that alone is a full time job.  It is sad that traditional media has fallen to the wayside, but that’s reality for you.  We, as an agency, are forced to change. If we don't, we would become as irrelevant as a print publication!

SS: Why should someone hire a publicist? Why?  Perspective.  Sometimes, it is nice to have someone who is not too close to the project in order for them to really see all sides of it.  Trust me, I am my best publicist, but if I had my own line of products or a restaurant or something, I would be more than happy to have someone at EFG handle, as they would do a better job at pitching me so I could focus on that aforementioned brand!

SS: Name 3 qualities you look for in clients. Rich, Proven, and Sane.

SS: Any advice for fellow entrepreneurs? Don’t listen to the haters or naysayers.  Trust your own instinct and run with it.  Not everyone wants to see you succeed so look in front of you always and leave them in your tracks…

Learn more PR tips and tricks from Rembrandt at our next Session! Topic: The Art of Promotion: Yourself, Brand & Business Date: February 11th, 2017 from 9am to 12pm Location: La Piazza Ristorant @ The Grove Sponsored by: H2Rose

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