Sazan Hendrix: From Influencer To Successful Entrepreneur


Sazan Hendrix is one of our favorite content creators because she has mastered the art of wearing multiple hats on a daily basis. From influencer, to model, to stylist, to creative director, and more, Sazan is a true professional, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that she will be joining us as a panelist at #SimplyLA!  We also LOVE the fact that she was an attendee at one of our first Simply Stylist events and now she's speaking on the panels.  Previously she has spoken at Simply Stylist Dubai and Simply Stylist Chicago and now LA! Sazan Hendrix is a digital media influencer and a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle icon! As a young girl, Sazan grew up in a traditional Kurdish household and would consistently play with her mother’s makeup and talk to her reflection as if she knew that she would do same thing on a larger scale later on. Not only has Sazan transformed into a leading beauty entrepreneur, but she is also making an impact on social and digital media with her hilarious videos, relatable topics, and 1M+ fans.

Sazan can’t wait to share her thoughts, tips, and tricks on our #SimplyLA panel, Building Your Business From The Ground Up! In the meantime, keep reading for our Q+A with Sazan to learn more about her newest endeavor Bless Box, what’s in store for 2017, and more!

SS: You launched Bless Box in December — Congratulations! Can you tell us more about why you decided to create Bless Box? Thank you! I've always loved reviewing products and providing feedback, whether it was on clothes, makeup, skincare, you name it. I wanted a platform where I could handpick my favorite products and get them into the hands of my subscribers, and that's when Bless Box started to come to life.

SS: Tell us more about the products subscribers can expect to receive in each Bless Box. Bless Box is a lifestyle box so it's got a little bit of everything — something for the home, something healthy, something for beauty, skincare, and hair. It's got everything you need, and it's all handpicked by me!

SS: Do you have any tips for staying focused in a creative environment? I think the environment itself is important. If you work from home (like me!) I finally created a designated area of my house to the office/work space. When I'm in this space I feel more focused on my goals and when my area is organized, there’s less distraction which helps the creative juices flow!

SS: How do you plan to advance your career in 2017? I'm very excited to be launch some exciting new products (of my own!!) in 2017 through the BLESS subscription box. ;)

SS: Name 3 beauty products you can’t live without. I can't live without my Sunday Riley Skincare. Specially I LOVE her Juno Face Oil (it's been life changing for my skin!) I also can't live without a nude lipstick and of course oil blot sheets to keep my T-zone in check. Great for busy girls on the go with no time to touch up!