The StyleLab Founders on Why Everyone Should Try a Personal Stylist


We've all dreamed of having our own personal stylist pick out clothes for us and dress us to the nines. Even the chicest of fashionistas have fantasized about having a stylist, because let's face it: everyone can get bored with their clothes or feel like they don't have enough time to create a stylin' outfit. But for most, a personal stylist is an unaffordable luxury...or so you'd think. Enter Ali Macer and Brittney Ben Moshe, co-founders of StyleLab. They created an on-demand styling service because they feel everyone should have access to a personal stylist to get a fresh eye on their wardrobe. Ali and Brittney are going to be telling us all about their business story, as well as how they style clothes for a number of events (including Coachella!) at our April Session at the Grove.

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SS: Tell us more about StyleLab. StyleLab is your on-demand personal stylist. We have a team of really talented stylists that you can hire by the hour. We started StyleLab because everyone—no matter how much you love fashion—can use a stylist. Whether you’re looking to work with what you have or purchase new pieces, we can do it all.

Having a fresh perspective dive into your closet and create outfits out of your existing clothes is really cool. All of a sudden you have this brand new wardrobe. Our stylists are great at identifying missing key pieces or items that really need to be purged. They help educate you on what looks are best for your body type and how to dress for the lifestyle you live. From there, we offer personal shopping to help you purchase those missing pieces or help you find the perfect outfit for a big event. We believe that personal styling should be affordable and easily accessible. At the end of the day, it’s really important to feel good in what you are wearing because it gives you an extra boost of confidence, and confidence truly empowers.

SS: What was your biggest entrepreneurial challenge with getting the business up & running? The biggest challenge when we first started was probably knowing how to allocate our money. In the beginning, there are so many places that need attention and money. It’s challenging to identify the key pieces and where your money is best spent. If you do make a mistake and put money in the wrong place, just keep pushing forward. Don’t let mistakes derail you.

SS: Why do you think fashion-lovers are turning towards styling services (like StyleLab!) to revamp their wardrobes, instead of doing it themselves? I think it comes down to two things: a new creative perspective and time. Sometimes it just takes a new perspective and a trained eye. We look at our clothes every single day and can get sick of the same stuff. We're used to wearing our clothes in a certain way. When StyleLab comes in, we can re-shuffle your clothes and really unlock a world of outfits. Also, when you can identify what is missing, you can become a smarter shopper. It takes time to pick out your outfits, accessorize, and know what to purge or what to purchase. Having someone help with this can save time and make everything you do more efficient.

SS: What's your most memorable ‘panic moment’ and how did you recover from it gracefully? At the very beginning, we fully designed our website. StyleLab hadn’t even launched yet but we were in “testing” mode, making sure everything was in place and working correctly. All of a sudden on a random Tuesday night, we got an email saying we had a sale OUR FIRST CLIENT! It was awesome because other than our close friends and family, we didn’t really think anyone knew about StyleLab yet. It was definitely a great kind of panic moment because it felt like, wow this is working and now we have to deliver!

SS: What style icons/fashion designers do you look up to? Why? Olivia Palermo. She just always looks so put together but at the same time has an authentic funk about her. She really nails the street-chic look. I love the way she pairs prints and fabrics. Beyonce is a duh, because she always takes chances with her style, she isn’t afraid to stay mainstream. We also love how she delivers messages through her style, like be a strong, independent, opinionated women.

SS: Name 3 current trends you're loving.Bell Sleeves and ruffles, athleisure, killer tennis shoes, embroidery, stripes. That’s more than three, but we could go on and on...

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