How to Plug Your Product Line at a Fashion & Beauty Event


Jess Walter is a freelance writer and mother. She loves the freedom that comes with freelance life and the additional time it means she gets to spend with her family and pets.

Need to plug your latest product at the hottest fashion and beauty event in town? Influencer marketing is just what you need to succeed! Find an in-demand person in the industry, your ‘influencer’, who plays a major role in defining followers' fashion and beauty choices. This person might be a celebrity or someone who has a great social following who is happy to plug your products. Think Huda Kattan from Dubai or Chiara Ferragni from Italy. Followers take their social media posts and recommendations as the last word.

90% of buyers trust peers when choosing which products to buy, while only 33% trust ads, so be sure to pick someone that is on point and that really makes a difference.

So, how can you use influencer marketing to promote your latest line of products? Keep reading to find out:

Keep The Target Audience Of The Influencer In Mind

Your choice of influencer at a fashion and beauty event must be able to speak well and connect with your audience. Draw up a shortlist of the best fashion and beauty journalists, bloggers or YouTubers who have a large base of followers. If you are trying to target a particular location to launch a product line, then find an influencer who has followers in the same geographical area. If your event is in Los Angeles, it won’t make sense to rely on a London-based blogger.

Choose An Influencer Trusted By Their Social Media Followers

Want to make more sales? Make sure that you pick a person who followers trust. Having a huge social base does not necessarily mean that each post is successful as a sales pitch. A smart follower knows when a post is ‘sponsored’. To find an influencer who is going to have products flying off the shelves, pick someone whose opinions and recommendations count. You'll  want an influencer who is not engaged in countless promotions on their social media channel.

And, If You Are Wondering How To Enlist The Perfect Influencer And Negotiate With Them…

Follow the four step rule of Consider-Connect-Contact-Communicate with your targeted influencers. Here we mention the word influencers, because you may want to identify more than one person to have options for a backup plan. After considering the pros and cons and zeroing on your ideal choice, connect with the person on their social media channel and then establish a relation through initial engagement. Next, contact them through direct messages or personalized email to communicate. This is the most important step. Your message should not come across as a spam pitch. Rather, clearly spell out who you are, why you want to work with influencer and how associating with your company/brand can help them.

Let’s face it, no one will be interested in your pitch unless you clearly communicate how you can help them too. Everyone likes professionalism, and this also holds true for the influencer you are targeting. Start the process of negotiation only after convincing the influencer about your brand value and professionalism. Therefore, work on that sales pitch without making it sound like a desperate plea. If their interest is piqued, the right influencer will want to work with you, which means they will be open to negotiation. Negotiating will work only if the influencer is absolutely convinced that you and your brand offer an opportunity to further their goals as well.

Not convinced yet about enlisting the help of an influencer? The latest market research has found that businesses earned as much as $6.50 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. That's a whopping ROI (return on investment) of 650 percent! Talk about a great investment for any business.

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