Turning Failure Into Success: Jasmine Star Shares Her Secrets


Entrepreneurs love Jasmine Star, so it is no surprise we can't get enough of her, either. And, we are thrilled to announce that this marketing & brand strategist has agreed to share her knowledge as a Breakout Speaker at #SimplyLA! Jasmine Star isn’t any ordinary entrepreneur. In fact, Jasmine used to have big dreams of becoming a lawyer, but that all changed when she quit law school and built an internationally recognized business! Today, Jasmine helps others follow the same path and assists entrepreneurs in taking that next step to build their brands and grow their social media followings.

Entrepreneurs come from all over the world to seek out Jasmine’s career advice, which is why we can’t wait for her to teach a Breakout Session on Blogging 101! Not only will Jasmine share insider secrets, but she will also lead attendees through the ins and outs of making YOUR blog a business. Purchase your tickets for #SimplyLA HERE, and keep reading to learn more about one of our Breakout Speakers, Jasmine Star:

SS: Tell us more about your role as a marketing & branding strategist and how you help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. I don't brag much. In fact, I hate bragging. But, let me tell you one thing: I'm really good at creating action plans for entrepreneurs based on a solid strategy and solid steps of implementation. I'm proud to say I've worked with amazing entrepreneurs, small companies, and large organizations to help define their goals to help create the business (and life) of their dreams. In short, I help creative entrepreneurs build a brand, market it on social media, and run a profitable business.

SS: What inspired you to leave law school & pursue your dreams? I have to be honest. Really honest. When I was 25 years old, doctors said my mom was dying of brain cancer.  She was only 50. In that moment, I thought I was having a mid-life crisis. I was literally half the age of my dying mother. In that moment, I understood how fast life flies by and I promised to do everything I could to ensure I didn't look back on my life from a hospital bed and wonder 'What if'...

SS: Did you come across any entrepreneurial obstacles? I started my first business in 2006, when I decided I wanted to be a photographer. This leads people to inevitably ask if I started that business because it was my passion. And that's the crazy thing. I didn't know if photography was my passion. That sounds insane to admit, but it's true. I believed it was my passion, I hoped it was my passion, but I didn't know it was my passion. However, I had to at least try to figure it out. I owed it to myself.

I believe entrepreneurs owe themselves the chance to try to pursue their curiosity. Curiosity is the thing that leads to passion, so I'm hellbent on chasing my interests to determine if they'll morph into my wildest passions. So, yeah, my first entrepreneurial obstacle was to give myself the permission to explore and try new career pivots without expectations of perfection.

SS: What are some ways creative entrepreneurs can build powerful mindsets? Release yourself from people's expectations of your decisions. If you're looking for people to 'get' you or applaud your career decisions (especially if you're new or uncertain of your path), you may be searching for a long time. The vast majority of people are afraid of trying something new, but—more so—afraid of failing publicly. Most people don't want to be vulnerable and run the risk of closing the doors to a dream.

Your responsibility isn't to handle the naysayers, nor is it to convince others that your decision is right. Your only job is to do what you  are created to do. You must stand in the rightness of your vision and let your success silence their doubts.

SS: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

  1. When you're down, get up.
  2. Take breaks when you need them.
  3. Exercise everyday.
  4. Make time to read.
  5. Call your mom.
  6. Invest in good coffee.

SS: Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs who are afraid to take the next step? When you're thinking of taking the next step, just do it. So often I see entrepreneurs think about taking a step, but then become paralyzed with fear...which results in not even moving in any direction. I can't tell you how MANY wrong steps I've taken in my career, but I don't think of them as failures. They were simply detours guiding me to the right path to success. There's no such thing as a wrong step...just take the darn step and recalibrate as needed.