Meet the Stylist: O’Neal McKnight

oneal mcknight From uptown to downtown to Hollywood, O’Neal McKnight brings the party to the people. O'neal is not just a recording artist, he's a celebrity stylist with clients like Diddy, Usher, Daddy Yankee, Robin Thicke, Russell Simmons and has styled Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Natalia Jiminez, and Joy Bryant! O’Neal’s journey began in Lynchburg, South Carolina where he spent his youth wowing friends and family with jaw-dropping dance moves and eye-popping outfits. Always the center of attention, the young performer attracted crowds wherever he went, earning a well-known reputation around town. After moving to New York he took his love for fashion to the next level.

Simply Stylist recently interviewed O'Neal, and we are excited to have you get to know him a little bit more! See our talk below:

SS: What is your favorite wardrobe item?

O'Neal: My favorite wardrobe item is this beaded hand-made Matador Jacket. It's silver and weighs a ton.

SS: What's your most memorable 'panic moment'?

O'Neal: My most memorable panic moment is when I was styling Diddy & Penelope Cruz. The photographer, Peter Lindberg, was inspired by random things, and I needed to change Diddy in the middle of the street in NY in front of summer-time fans. Cameras were everywhere!!!

SS: How did you recover from it gracefully?

O'Neal: I recovered by having a strong team of assistants that are not caught up in the celebrity fame and whose focus is on their work and their job.

SS: What is your favorite era for fashion?

O'Neal: My favorite era is the 1950s. People got dressed!! Men wore hats and opened doors for ladies etc... I love classy shit!! ;)

SS: What was your big break?

O'Neal: My big break was styling Jermaine Dupri and a then 12 year old Lil Bow Wow for Vibe Magazine.

SS: Whose closet would you most like to raid?

O'Neal: I would love to raid Michael Jackson's closet!!! DUH!

SS: Who are your favorite designers?

O'Neal: My favorite designer is in my best Jay Z voice "I DON'T POP MOLLY, I ROCK TOM FORD"! I love Tom Ford!


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